Innovation Titans guides you on a journey to the innovative services of tomorrow

Innovation Titans is a service design consultancy assisting organizations in achieving customer satisfaction through service innovation and improvement.

We focus on the human-centered, systemic and future-oriented solutions.

We operate internationally with a focus on Belgium and Poland.


Service Design and Innovation

Improvement, innovation and delivery of services are key to attracting and maintaining customers. We apply service design to create offerings valuable to the customer, engaging the employee and commercially feasible.

Customers using a star rating. Image represents Customer Experience services.


Improve customer satisfaction by closing the gap between customer expectations and experiences.

Space rocket representing Service Innovation services


Develop a new service, product or business model. Solve important customer problem.

Process chart representing Process Improvement Services


Plan and improve service delivery. Integrate value streams. Put customer value in the center of backstage actions.

Employee stroked by thunderbolts representing Organizational Transformation services


Change the organizational culture. Empower employees and customers. Shift to customer-centric, innovative service thinking.

Design Research & Strategy

If you don’t know what customer needs or expects how can you achieve customer satisfaction?  

To create great services a deep and evidence-based understanding of the user is essential. At Innovation Titans, we offer tailor cut research approach that brings insights needed to create value for the user. Research that boosts design, innovation, and strategy.

Futures Thinking

At Innovation Titans we believe that focus on the future enables organizations to broaden perspective and to see beyond the next quarter.

It leads to better understanding of the approaching change and enables for early adjustment. It informs of upcoming threats and opportunities and facilitates long-term strategic decision making.