Innovation Titans Consultancy

We are a service design consultancy leading projects in service design, futures thinking and design research. The firm provides consulting, project management, facilitation and training services. We operate internationally with a focus on Belgium and Poland. Innovation Titans service consultancy was founded in 2017 by Tomasz Bienkowski. The firm is based on his experience in service design, innovation management, marketing and startup investments for top the Polish and international organizations.


Innovation Titans will assist your organization in innovating, whether you aim to develop new services or improve the existing ones. We are here to listen to you, your employees and clients to empower you all to collaborate and innovate.


We believe that to prosper on the market in a long-term your organization needs to go beyond today and focus on the tomorrow. To successfully tap the potential stemming from societal and technological progress we focus on the human-centered, systemic and future-oriented solutions. We can help you in your journey to the innovation of tomorrow!

Our Values

Safety & Responsibility

We care for you: we stand by ethical rules to provide you a safe environment. Responsible research and design is of highest concern to us.

Thought Leadership

Innovating with passion: we seek learning opportunities with “beginners mind”, share our experiences and knowledge with peers.

Creativity & Curiosity

Embark on a new perspective: we reframe problems, think in radically new boxes and facilitate creativity.

Honesty & Directedness

Open up: we recognize the elephant in the room and foster difficult but constructive conversations.


Breaking down complexity: we prefer simple – but not simplistic, elegant and effective solutions that solve your organization’s problems.

Human Centricity

Human at heart: we design with customer and employee insights in mind and respect for cultural and psychological differences.

Solution Centricity

Right to the point: we assist you in value creation and solving real problems.

Doer Mentality

Fast and raw: this is how we test the wildest ideas.


Lessons learned: we acknowledge our faults and weaknesses and we constantly evolve.

Additional Competencies

Design Thinking

Practice used to solve wicked problems, plan design projects and inspire cultural change.

Customer Experience

Design and management of customer experience during the service encounter.

Service Marketing

Marketing practices unique to services focused on employees and customers. The theoretical baseline for service design.

Behavioral Economics & Gamification

Psychology behind customer and employee motivation and behavior.

Systems Thinking

Structuring complex problems and solving them in an effective manner. Understanding services and their ecosystems.